What people say

“Lauren is a real inspiration to all women , regardless of age. We can all learn a lot from her approach and attitude.”

Dr. Lubna Kerr, The Centre for Health and Wellbeing

“Lauren is fearless and relentless. She truly inspires me.”

Heather Shields, Textile Designer

“Lauren has such a comprehensive vision. She sees into the corners of things yet she sees their essence at the same time.”

Akiko Kobayashi

“Lauren Currie worked as a service designer at DesignThinkers and she made a lasting impression. She is one of the most energetic and talented people I have ever met and she keeps inspiring us with her insights and her fresh take on things.”

Arne van Oosterom, Owner and Service Design Consultant at DesignThinkers, lecturer and chairman of the Service Design Network Netherlands (Service Design Netwerk Nederland).

“…because of all that richness, the thing I value about Red Jotter is the range of things she covers, of the sense I have of her being a guide in a slightly unfamiliar landscape, pointing to the things we all see everyday and helping her readers see them the way she does.  So it’s not that there is a single post or posts that I immediately want to point to, it’s that following what she writes as a whole makes the landscape more familiar.”

Stefan, Public Strategist

“Lauren is a furnace of energy and ideas who is always at pains to share insight with others and invariably a pleasure to converse with. If you have ever the opportunity to work with her, seize it.”

Adam StJohn Lawrence, Co-founder of Global Service Jam, Work Play Experience

“… it would be so beneficial for the design world if there were more people like you who took a step back from what they were doing and realised the potential that comes with helping graduates. You’re quite an inspiration!”

Dave Cuvelot, Graphic Design Graduate

“I really admire everything that Redjotter has done for the field of service design! For me personally, reading about her classes and endeavors on the MDes course at the University of Dundee via her blog, was an inspiration to travel across the Atlantic and also study at the University of Dundee! Effecting one life in that way is HUGE, now think about effecting dozens++ of lives in that way! In this changing design landscape we need super-connectors and info hubs like Redjotter to show us the way. Keep helping us make service sense!”

Cora, a Master of Design Student at Dundee University