Learning Lab with DigitasLBI

Learning Labs are Hyper Island’s way of bringing together a new group of people to meet Hyper Island, meet industry, and share and learn together. Chris Ball from DigitasLBI has been heavily involved in the design of the new Digital Experience Design MA and I teamed up with him to design a Learning Lab that we hoped would inspire and teach the attendees something new.


In the beautiful DigitasLBI studios in Brick Lane, London, we welcomed 30 folks to spend a couple of hours with us to listen, learn and do. The group was made up of graduates, students, designers and developers from design, UX, marketing and advertising agencies. As well as some lovely Snook and Hyper Island alumni.

The night began with an introduction to Hyper Island, we talked about where, why and how it all began as well as how we work and why we work the way we do. I shared Snook’s story and talked about projects like The Matter, Know Sugar and Cycle Hack.

Chris talked about his work at DigitasLBI and shared a case study of their work with Virgin Atlantic.


Chris focused on the concept of Experience Design Principles and talked us through how the application of these principles influenced the design of the final product.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 10.49.38

We gave each team a different touchpoint from the Train line service and asked them apply a specific experience principle to the redesign of the customer experience.


The ideas presented were impressive. Concepts from the purchasing process encouraging you to travel further to reminding you what friends live where when you are travelling. 



It was a pleasure to work with Chris and I’m already looking forward to what we do next together.  He summed it up quite simply for me:

“I can’t wait for the DXD students to graduate so we can hire them”

Thank you to Chris, DigitasLBI and everyone who came and thanks for your feedback! Hope to see you again soon!

“Really enjoyed the workshop; it was an interesting experience looking at brand values first as them gave directions in the design process and also helped to distinguish the company from its competitors.

Looking at the structure of Digital Experience Design MA it seems like finally there’s a program that effectively bridge the gap between education and industry. So very excited to join the course in 2016 or 2017 after few years of work experience. “

You can read more about the Learning Lab I delivered with ustwo here and sign up for the next one I’m running in Paris with Paris College of Art here.