Designers: Guilty By Association

I’m delighted to be speaking at Talk UX.

“Talk UX is a UX conference unlike any other. We aim to create an open space to meet, learn and collaborate within UX. We want to change the way conferences are run and held, with a more personal experience. Over the course of the day we will examine the different areas that make up a UX role, from research to data schema we want to highlight the breadth of knowledge in our area, and the fantastic work that is being done.”

These awesome women have been busy organising the event for March 5th at Manchester’s Town Hall.

“We are putting you at the heart of everything that we do on the day, and we want to make sure that you don’t miss out.

Tickets are an absolute steal at only £40- considering the speakers, food and goodies it is amazing value for money.

We have leading speakers from across the UK and further afield, and we promise that these are not talks (or topics) you will have heard before. We will be discussing privacy, designing for children and education to name a few.

There will also be interactive stalls for you to play with during the day, including a couple of Oculus head sets. Haven’t had a chance to try one out yet? Now is your opportunity!”

Talk UX

My talk is called Designers: Guilty By Association:

“We are known for our stylistic gestures and whimsical, indulgent ideas, often created whilst wearing black polo necks. Taxi drivers think I design shoes for living. Most designers do. They design apps to help up find pizza faster and design sexy products that help us wake up on time.

We deserve better.

I’m one of many designers who are trying to reformulate the role design can play in the world. Using the design process to tackle many of the complex and serious problems facing our society. Some call it social design, service design or design activism. BUT the labels don’t matter. What does matter is the HOW.

How does this kind of design actually work and what does this mean for our future? Judging by the speed and enthusiasm with which design students are signing up for newly created courses on experience design, social and humanitarian design, more design activists and provocateurs will emerge in the future. It’s time to get responsible.”

Grab your ticket here and follow the conversation online !