9 awesome ‘schools’ that will help you master everyday life

Thinking Business at CNN has listed some of the most interesting learning spaces around the world. Hyper Island are featured and in great company with the likes of General Assembly and The School of Life.  Lovely news on a Friday morning!

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What: Hyper Island isn’t really an island; in fact, it’s a network of bustling hubs specializing in tech know-how, Hyper Island wants to arm individuals with tools to stay up to speed with digital developments.

A cross between a university and friendly work lab, the school offers intensive courses on data insights and user experience as well as full-time MA degrees on Digital Media Management and Digital Experience Design.

Where: Learning hubs in Stockholm and Karlskrona in Sweden, Manchester in the UK, New York, Sao Paulo and Singapore and classes in a multitude of cities across the world from Vancouver to Kuala Lumpur

Check out: Masterclass – Business Transformation for a two-day course on how to hack your organization and make it more digital, Masterclass – Digital Acceleration to challenge your preconceptions about the possibilities of digital media, Leadership Innovation Lab for how to build creative, inventive teams.