My blog is 6 today. Here’s what I’ve learned along the way

My blog is 6 today. Hat tip to Arne who was the spark that led to the creation of this blog. Here’s what I said on year one and year two and here’s what I learned along the way…


Show your work

Austin Kleon and the book he wrote articulate why remarkably well.

Somebody somewhere cares about what you’ve got to say

I still meet people everyday who say ‘But who would read what I’ve got to say?’ – my answer is always somebody’. Somebody somewhere aspires to be like you and somebody somewhere gets really really excited about the same things you do.

Anything worth doing takes time and energy

WordPress users publish 347 new blog posts every minute. I could count on both hands the blogs I read every day that maintain quality through the noise of the internet. When I started Snook my priorities changed and I didn’t make time for posts on here. That used to make me feel guilty and unproductive. Now I know that things evolve over time and that’s ok. I fantasise about having a daily writing habit and I hope this year is the year I make it happen.

Your voice is a unique and precious thing

Only you hear,understand and own your voice. Only you can find it and practice it and share it. I don’t think finding your voice is a task you can ever tick off the to do list. But it’s something I definitely believe is worth investing time in.

Make time to ship stuff

Shipping stuff makes you feel good – from writing a letter, editing a photograph to writing a book or building a product. Make time to ship. Blog posts are daily shipments.  Sad as it may sound clicking “publish” makes me smile. It has a positive impact on me.

Connections are what make the world go round

A wee blog post can lead to big things. Through this blog I have met people who I now call my friends. I’ve been invited to work in Norway, China and America to name a few. I’ve met clients, found talent to hire and been invited to write chapters in important books. I’ve connected projects, programmes, agencies and organisations working in similar spaces. I’ve inspired the receptionist that works at my local radio station. Connections are a currency.

It’s good to write things you know

Too many amazing, ordinary yet extraordinary people keep their thoughts to themselves. We all have stories to tell. I hope you will write yours.

**Kirsty made me that cake a long time ago. It still makes me happy.