Designers ! The challenge that needs your attention

I want to talk about two things. Designing interactions. And silence.

Let’s call it User Experience Design, Human Centered Interaction, Interaction Design, Multi Media Design. It doesn’t really matter what we call it, what it really means is designing for screens and digital products. And it’s an art.

My head was in this zone already as I’m on my way to Hyper Island – where they produce the next generation of immense talent in digital interaction. It’s also something that is becoming a bigger part of our work at Snook ( see our re-design of an NHS24 care service ) and our collaborations ( with the likes of Sync )

So it was in my head. And then I watched this video. My good friend and colleague Rohan Gunatillake’s talk from Future Fest. And boy did it make me think.

Rohan is right. What a mammoth design challenge we are facing right now. I wonder how Bill Moggridge would respond to this…

Here is snapshot of some of the questions Rohan poses:

How do we create interface design that rewards patience?

How do we design email systems that represent people and not information?

What does hardware that reminds you you have a body look and feel like?

How do we build social networks that develop compassion?

How does a website that supports concentration and presence work?

And I’m curious as to what already exists out there that is achieving all or any of the above – anyone?

And of course… the one that will really make you think – how does your mind respond to silence?

Top job RG.