Start something that matters in Scotland. Be a Nightrider

Nightriders is a new network for people who want to start something that matters in Scotland.  Sarah and I really care about people who have ideas in Scotland – they often move to a ‘bigger and better’ country or land themselves a full time job. We reckon a big part of why this happens is the support system for enterprise here is really difficult to navigate. We’ve been there ( and still are there ) and know what it feels like.


We often hear things like:

“There is no central network or continuing programme for designers to meet and collaborate with their own discipline and others.”

“I have ideas I’ve developed all year that I want to take forward, but I have no idea where to go or what to do”

“I’ve met 29 different support organisations in Scotland and keep getting signposted for support. It’s so difficult to navigate the system”

“If I was starting out I’d like to meet someone like me who could say look what I did, try this and do it this way”

So we have teamed up with Unltd and Santander  to create Nightriders and YOU are invited to the recruitment party!

Nightriders is a FREE 8 week course that is building a new network of social entrepreneurs in Scotland. The first course is in GLASGOW and is open to ANYONE who wants to start something that matters in Scotland. It will help you level up your career and your idea.  The course will only take up a couple of hours, one evening a week and will be kicking off in late autumn/early 2014.

At the end of this course you will no longer be a thinker or a talker you will be a DOER!  You will take away the latest tools and techniques from design thinking, networking and business strategy.

You will  understand how to confidently navigate Scotland’s enterprise system and have the opportunity to pass on your experience and knowledge to the next batch of Nightriders.

We are going to choose ten people to be our very first Nightriders. They will then support the next batch of Nightriders through their journey of social entrepreneurship.

Our vision is to build a movement of social entrepreneurs in Scotland who can pass on their experience and knowledge.

So make sure you share this with any potential Nightriders out there and book your ticket! 

So if you’ve got an idea or are working on an existing project at art college or university you want to become a reality, come along to find out what Nightriders is all about and how you can join the first Glasgow course!