The fast lane

I think, work and move fast. Always. I’m very impatient too. I want to live and work in a place where people walk and think as fast as me. This realisation is making me understand why the conversations I have in the public sector often leave me feeling drained – why am I spending my time in a sector that is renowned for it’s slowness? Well, because that’s where I believe I can make a difference. But there is only so many no’s I can handle until I’ll move on to find the yes.

I’m reading books and studying work flows and team management and teaching myself that fast is unsustainable and slow is better. I’m going against my instinct because it makes sense that this obsession with start up culture and pace is ridiculous right? But is it so ridiculous if you are wired to work fast? Why do I have to change to accept the slowness around me?

So what should I do? Organise a Fast Friday? Start a movement of fast weeks the way Snook tested slow week?