We Dundee

I just backed We Dundee and feeling grateful for the big part the city has played in my life. I lived there for 5 years and it’s the place where I learned how to be designer and decide and make the future I wanted to have.

It fills me with optimism and energy to me to see the city moving into a new phase of creativity, enterprise and culture. Fantastic.

“Dundee is bidding to be the UK City of Culture in 2017, a competition run by the UK government which uses culture and creativity to transform communities. It’s an opportunity to remind ourselves what an astonishing place Dundee is, and what remarkable people live and work here.

We Dundee is a way to show the tremendous imagination and enthusiasm of people from all walks of life across the city, and demonstrate the difference that becoming UK City of Culture could make to us individually and as a city.

We want to show the competition judges that there’s more to Dundee than they (or we) might think – that it’s a city full of surprises. We want to give them 2,017 reasons to think of us as the best place for the City of Culture to be, and we need your help.

Tell us about a place, an event, a person, an attitude – something you think is one of the city’s ‘hidden secrets’. We want the judges to be amazed about the richness and variety of what goes on in the city, past, present and future; and not just with the obvious wonderful assets we have.”