To trust is human but will I ever learn?

We are living in a network of relationships. Part of what I do is nourish and understand networks, create new ones and test different ways of bringing networks together around ideas. Even though networks and relationships are two different things they both depend heavily on one thing – trust.

I recently trusted some individuals from a much larger organisation than mine and this turned out to be a huge mistake. It led to some very difficult situations, when I had to fight for my company and myself. What had been intended as a collaboration turned into a battle for power.

This has taught me many lessons. Right now I’m focused on trying to see clearly and moving forward. I’ll never trust in the same way again. Now I’m moving on – thinking and trying weave this new kind of trust into my networks and relationships.

Nowadays I feel much more aware of people who say one thing and do another – leaders, CEO’s and politicians and sometimes even those I love. I’m trying to keep my heart and mind open and not succumb to anger and frustration.

Don’t take trust for granted, or believe it just happens, because virtually all the work you do begins with people’s trust in you.

So I’ll start with myself. Working to fulfill the promises I make.

And I will learn.