Calling all graduates and young people with ideas!

Over at Snook we have joined forces with the team at Glasgow 2014  to host a Glasgow 2014 Design Camp and YOU are invited.

We need you if you are:

1. Someone with an idea

2. Someone who is supported by Glasgow 2014

3. Someone who works for Glasgow 2014

4. Someone who cares about health, exercise, Glasgow and the impact of sports

We are looking for ideas around the following themes:

 1. How can Glasgow be a more accessible city? 

A more Accessible Glasgow will see around £2 billion of investment in the city’s transport infrastructure, providing businesses, citizens and visitors with a faster, more reliable access in and out of Glasgow.

 2. How can Glasgow be a greener city?

A Greener Glasgow will use Glasgow 2014 to help Glasgow become one of the most sustainable cities in Europe by setting an environmental standard that the city will follow.

3. How can Glasgow be more inclusive?

A more Inclusive Glasgow will be an opportunity for all who don’t have a formal role in Glasgow 2014, to participate in this once in a life time event.

 4. How can Glasgow be more international?

A more International Glasgow will use Glasgow 2014 to showcase Glasgow and help strengthen the city’s image, worldwide reputation and civic pride.

The Design Camp is going to take place in The Stadium in the CommonWealth House – check it out!

This event is for anyone up for sharing, creating and developing ideas to build on Glasgow City Council’s Games Legacy for Glasgow themes. Ideas generated from the event will help shape a lasting legacy for the Commonwealth Games and for the people and communities of Glasgow.

In the mean time we are collecting insights and research. For example, Andy is full of ideas on how First Bus can improve their service and is going to submit them through the #accessibleglasgow hashtag.

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Let’s go!