Women in Scotland: From austerity to ambition

I was delighted to be invited to Women in Scotland: from austerity to ambition. Rather than write a post, I  have captured all my notes and thinkings in this drawing ( you can click and zoom in to have a proper peek )

Craft has been on my mind lately and I was particularly inspired by the physical ‘Tapestry of Ambition’ … I think it’s so important to have something physical to represent ideas and thoughts. The way we all huddled round itching to make our mark on the tapestry was simply brilliant and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product!

I like my patch :) It was clear from the delegate list that all the women attending have a voice in their own spehere and this day intended to make that voice bigger. I didn’t necessarily leave feeling my voice was bigger but I did leave with a sense of new listeners and new directions for my voice to travel in!

The hashtag for the event was #52percent because that’s the number of females in the Scottish population. It was shame there were so few tweeters but hats off to all the women who signed up and gave it a shot!

I’d like to say a warm thank you to Tari Lang for inviting me and for all her support and enthusiasm. Looking forward to seeing you all next year!