Women of Scotland

Over the course of the last year, my friend and colleague, Cassie and I have met many interesting and dynamic women. We’ve been blown away by the potential of female thinkers in this beautiful country.

Something that struck us was how rarely we all get a chance to come together. So we decided to try and bring together some amazing women – to celebrate one another, learn and inspire.

Last month, we held a Women of Scotland event in Glasgow. We would like to express huge thanks to @annewhitaker for capturing the event here http://bit.ly/dbStVv and you can view all the pictures of the night here http://bit.ly/buUi53

“After having been dined as well as wined, came the “surprise” of the evening: Lauren had met a colourful and talented performer just the previous evening, and invited her along to entertain us. On came “Tartan Heather” : dressed from head to foot in – yes! – tartan, carrying a borhan. Her short, passionate performance, a mix of traditional Gaelic song, mouth music, and her own compositions within a traditional setting, captivated us.”

A big thank you to everyone who came along, Kirsty for cake baking, Sarah D for creating and facilitating Tales of Scotland, Danyi for her beautiful photography work, Tartan Heather for entertaining us and Sarah M for giving us the space to make this happen.

To echo the words of Anne, it feels like something new has just been born. Let’s see where we can take it from here……