Call for service design papers

The International Journal of Design is publishing a special issue on designing for services that emphasizes a human-centered design approach to service design.

They have devised various categories:

Theme One: Design of Service Encounters

This includes the design of useful, usable, and desirable encounters between the server and the customer. Specific articles might address these topics:

  • User experience design and thinking
  • Expectations, emotions, and experience of the customer with regard to service design
  • The matching of customer expectations and service design touchpoints
  • The connection between service encounter satisfaction and quality of service design
  • Technological, non-technological, or hybrid service encounter design

Theme Two: Service Design for SMEs

This includes how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can benefit from service design by using it to better understand their customers and to contribute to their bottom line. Specific articles might address these topics:

  • Case studies of service design for SMEs
  • Business impact of service design on SMEs
  • Service design processes, tools, and methods for SMEs
  • Barriers to the use of service design in SMEs
  • Service design consultancy for SMEs

Theme Three: Co-creation in Service Design

This includes the implementation of co-creation with stakeholders to effectively and efficiently enhance service design. Specific articles might address these topics:

  • Types of co-creation in service design
  • Strategies for co-creation in service design
  • The value of co-creation in service design with regard to the customer experience
  • The actual and potential roles of stakeholders in service design
  • How to successfully execute a service design project using a co-creation team

Theme Four: Service Design and Change of Systems

This includes the development of service design competence and the development of models to use for dealing with changes taking place in the complex systems of service organizations. Specific articles might address these topics:

  • The emerging role of service design in organizational change in terms of culture, structure, or process
  • New service design models for change
  • How to successfully create service design competence in an environment that is undergoing change

The deadline for abstracts is 31st August 2010. Snook are going to share adventures under theme three and four! What will you write about?