Scottish Service Design Drinks

So last night the first ever Scottish Service Design Drinks happened! Snook and Skills Development Scotland got togther to spread the word and over 20 people came along.

Big thank you to all our twitter friends who joined us: @mrhyde @tony_watt @hazler_06 @tonycoultas @kirsty_joan @thirdsectorlab @peterashe @lucykrobinson @markofrespect @street_league and the non-twitterers out there- you know who you are !

There was good mix of designers and non-designers there so we are happy!

I want to give you a snapshot of the conversations that were happening in the room last night…

  • “Everyone designs something”
  • “Obama is most definitely a design thinker”
  • “I wish I could get Gordon Ramsay into my work place for a day – he understands what service is all about”
  • “It’s so simple  – why have we not always thought this way?’

We spoke about parents evenings ,nursing homes and change in organisations … to name a few. We also asked people to think about ‘What is broken about Scotland?’

talent retention | job descriptions | attitude of young scots | people don’t think big enough | we need to shout louder | nothing is broken | small country mentality | mental health | energy | roads | closed thinking in the public sector | micro finance | trams | neighbours | getting young people a good start in life | helping people cycle more | public consultation

What would you add to this list?

This little event was the first of many … the next time we shall have more stickers and less loud music. If you have any ideas / feedback/ insights leave a comment or tell us on twitter :)