Calling all creatives in scotland

The Aliss Project team are inviting people with long term conditions, service designers, product designers, graphic designers, marketers, funding bodies and business advisors to come together for two days and help make these ideas real! You can see an overview of the ideas here. Are you a designer? Are you a ‘geek with heart’? Have you got a business brain?

This Thursday and Friday, Snook and Futuregov are running a two day ‘intense’ camp to build an engine which provides better information and support for people living with LTCs.  It runs from 9-5pm on Thursday and 9-4pm on Friday ( If you require travel expenses, please keep your receipts. We will collect them on the day) By bringing together a range of talents, we hope to build an engine which uses the internet to improve information online and offline and new ideas for services.

“We are working with the Scottish Government to create a service that helps people with long term conditions find local support and services. This project is called ALISS ( Access to Local Information to Support Self Management ) and you can catch up on the rest of the team’s activities here. We are documenting our phase of the project at Supporting Pipes.

This project echoes our belief that, by empowering people to make informed decisions about how to manage their life with the necessary support, it can have very real and positive outcomes for all involved”

We’ve been working on the ALISS project for a wee while now, doing an initial phase of research and then three consecutive workshops in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Perth respectively.  We’ve been blown away by the ideas generated in our workshops, and now hope to fully develop them into small prototypes and give them a glossy shine.  With your help!

What happens next is where YOU come in!

There have been three workshops so far. The products from these three sessions will form the basis for our two days further development work in March, when we hope to create a blueprint for a ‘Supporting Pipes service’ together with practical things that improve information provision for people with long-term conditions.

Sign up here. It is set to be a brilliant couple of days and it is a great opportunity to put your talent, skills and knowledge to a worthwhile project.