Design and Government

Design Den Haag 2010-2018 researches the relation between Design and Government in Europe within an international context, from cultural, economic and social viewpoints.

Starting summer 2010, Design Den Haag will organize a total of five public events biennially in the field of design, architecture and visual communication, with exhibitions, publications, lectures and debates, workshops and documentary films.

Each edition will entail a collaboration between Den Haag and another European government Capital: Berlin (2010), Stockholm (2012), Paris (2014), London (2016) and Rome (2018). Every edition will be evaluated.

Final evaluation of the five editions will be submitted as report to the European Union at the end of 2018. This report will contain recommendations concerning the betterment of relations between design and governance, and on governmental funds for the quality of design, architecture and visual communication.”

The site is full of projects from all over the world that touch themes such as cultural diversity, society, identity and perception. They contribute to a better understanding about creativity amongst the government,and amongst designers.  I like this one – a chair constructed without any industry material and no specific color. The chair is not for sale in shops and can also not be bought trough internet. In fact it is a pleasurable chair for just some minutes. Made by happy people, focusing on trust and relationships.

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Although it seems they might be missing the nitty gritty stuff that makes governments sit up and listen…