Jail Brake Competition

Jail Brake is a competition to find and support great ideas that could make a positive impact on the pattern of youth-offending ad re-offending using simple web and mobile tools.


“Each year around a hundred thousand 15-17 year olds get caught up in the criminal justice system. Once they come into contact with this system, many are likely to reoffend; to remain part of it and to go on to become part of the adult criminal justice system

We want to bring together those who have an idea about how to slow and stopdown the cycle of youth offending – whether they’re part of a youth offending team, a service user,  police officer or a member of a local community – with people who can make their ideas idea a reality.

We want to find the best ideas and turn them into real projects with a helping hand from software developers, designers and funders.”

Why use web and mobile?

Simple web and mobile tools are great at connecting people in new ways and on their own terms. They can engage and empower people to take more control of their lives; providing new ways of organising, mobilising and communicating. We believe these tools could help local communities, those working with offenders and young people to help themselves.

This potential is currently not being realised in the area of youth offending, and we want to find new approaches to making the most of what it can offer.

Who is it for?

This project is open to anyone whohas a real motivation to reduce youth offending. Whether you’re part of a youth offending team, involved with healthcare or schooling, a community police officer or a member of a local community, or none of the above, we want you to participate. Our call for ideas is now open and we are running a number of events and workshops to explain and encourage idea submissions. You can enter an idea online here [insert link] or talk to us here [insert link].

What kind of ideas are you looking for?

We’re looking for great ideas that could make a positive impact on the pattern of youth offending and re-offending using simple web and mobile tools. It could be a website, a system that relies on text messages, a map, a social network – or all or none of the above! Here are a few potential areas to get you thinking:

  • How can we use mapping to match young people to the services they need to prevent reoffending, such as access to accommodation, mentoring, training, substance misuse services or employment opportunities?
  • How can peer support be delivered using online and mobile technology?
  • How can the anonymity offered by the web be used to support those who may not wish to discuss personal or sensitive information face to face?
  • Can Web 2.0 help get more people involved in deciding how community service should be carried out? The Making Good project is an offline example.

You should enter – even if your idea is scribbled on the back of a napkin- that’s where MyPolice was born at Social Innovation Camp.

I think this is a great initiative and can’t wait to the see what the outcome brings …