Scottish Service Steps

So, now I have graduated, what are the next steps for Redjotter?


I am pleased to announce I have been appointed the role of Director at MyPolice; a web-based service that fosters constructive, collaborative communication between communities and the police forces which serve them. This role is pending funding at the moment… results should be in at the beginning of October! I am going to be working closely with Sarah Drummond, the founder of MyPolice, to give service design a voice in Scotland.

Conferences / Speaking
Next month, alongside the rest of the MyPolice team I will be presenting the venture at The Citizen and Social Media Conference. In November, we are also presenting it at the mypublicservice conference in London; a national conference about citizen engagement with public services online.

Last week, I met the Director of Scotland’s Future Forum, a non party political organisation owned by the Scottish Parliament’s Corporate Body. Yesterday, I had a very exciting meeting with a lecturer of social work and community education from the University of Dundee to talk about service design and social work coming together to make things happen.

I am very excited.