Copenhagen Co’creation

Co-creation changes the game of innova­tion from designing FOR people to design­ing WITH people. “Designing for Change 09” is an international event, initiating a knowledge-sharing network concerning co-creation set up by the Danish Design Association.

“People experience business as a service. A business’ service is a combination of their brand identity, the products and services that are being sold and the organisation of the company itself.”

Picture 28

One example of the result of co-creation within service design is the automated baggage handling system at wok at Copenhagen Kastrup Airport. CPH Design designed and developed a cart system for baggage handling in airports to eliminate heavy manual lifting, reduce the risk of lost baggage and speed up airline turn around time at airports. This is the result of re-thinking the flow of passengers in extensive collaboration with both end users and the different organizational partners. All solutions were developed together with the ground handlers who work daily with baggage handling.

Learn more about the event here. Thanks to Kate for discovery!