Customer Service Live

Larry Hochman is a globally recognised expert on customer relationships. On Thursday 12 November 2009 ‘Customer Service Live’ is taking place at the London Business Forum. Larry will offer real-time lessons in the best and worst customer experiences in Britain.

  • Experience and learn from live customer service calls
  • Identify what your customers really need and deliver it
  • Build customer trust and loyalty

“Your ability to retain customers will define whether you survive the current economic crisis. To do this you need to build customer trust and confidence at a time when both have collapsed. So, what are the secrets behind building this confidence and how do you get your staff fully engaged?”


Larry argues that urgency, clarity and total transparency are fundamental requirements of customer service today – this session will outline how you can instill these values. Bring your team for answers to the following questions:

  1. What are the repercussions of your customer service actions?
  2. What do your customers really need right now and how can you deliver it?
  3. Are your leaders specific about the role everyone has to play?
  4. How quickly will customers desert you if they experience anything but superb, meaningful, sincere, fast and compassionate service?

What was the last compassionate service you encountered? Last week a bus driver came out from behind the glass barrier to listen to me, he made me laugh and didn’t make me feel silly for being completely lost. I liked that.