Service Design News Scout

I have some very exciting news. I have been asked to be an ‘Offical Service Design Network News Scout’ for the Service Design Network, who have recently launched their new site.

Jeff Howard and I are responsible for providing the network with all the latest Service Design news from around the globe.


I will be exploring issues, links and events from around the world  and everything that could be interesting for the users of the SDN site as well as the readers of Insider, the SDN Newsletter and Touchpoint, the Service Design Journal.

With news coming from San Francisco and Scotland I am confident Jeff and I will provide fresh and innovative input! If anyone has any links, stories, case studies, opinions or stories they would like to share with me pop them in an email.

I think it would be exciting to build up a bank of powerful images that represent what Service Design is all about. As Birgit and Oliver mention in Touchpoint:


“…find ways to make the intangible tangible. The fold in the tissue paper to demonstrate your hotel room has been attended to by housekeeping.”

What is the first image that springs to your mind?