Tip Good Service Day

Joel Bailey, Director of Service Design at The Team asked a question that really got me thinking: why is it only restaurants that acquire regular tips?

Sometimes, we also tip bell boys,bar workers, taxi drivers and hairdressers. However,  our daily lives are made up of services – surely they are all worthy of recognition? Postmen, shop workers, security guards, cleaners, nurses, librarians and the lolly pop man.


“People that provide me with a memorably good service experience should be recognised regardless of their industry.”

Joel proposed the creation of a “Tip Good Service Day” Would this give rightful recognition to the fact that so many of us work in service businesses? Would it give those who strive to give good service an opportunity for recognition and reward? Would it give people who receive good service a chance to say thank you?

This immediately reminds me of Public Service Thank you: a thank you space created by the team at ThinkPublic. I have also recently become an author on the Thanks Stranger blog, which is a really simple and personal way just to say thanks to a stranger.

Let’s do it. What could this look like?Who would you say thank you to and why? Who was the last person you tipped?

Photo from BC on Flickr