Beware of interruptions

Watching this video was like a breath of fresh air this morning. In collaboration with the Creativity World Forum John Cleese tells us how he perceives creativity.

So, none of use know where we get our ideas from…but “we certainly do not get them from our laptops”… Cleese argues we get them from “our unconscious”. So for those of us who are always busy making lists and meeting deadlines…we need to slow down!

If we can get in the right mood we will be more creative. Cleese suggests we do this by creating our ‘little tortoise mind’, this happens when we create boundaries of space and time. You define a start and a finish time for your boundary of time and only then can you truly ‘play’.

“Most people who have absolutely no idea what they are doing, have absolutely no idea they don’t know what they are doing” since hearing this statement this morning many things in life have become clearer.

Observe what is happening round about you when you are at your most creative. Where are you when this happens? The most dangerous thing is interruption – it is destructive.

This video was introduced to me by Mike Press who spent this morning tell us about the best way to write. It appears the way to be most productive, creative and mentally stable :) is to write away from all books/notes/ technology/noise; interruptions


I am now going to think…