Design Trust for Public Space

A long term plan for the design of the New York Taxi Cab Service

“The Design Trust for Public Space is a not-for-profit organization committed to improving the design, utility, and understanding of New York City’s public spaces. We forge public/private partnerships between neighborhoods, city agencies and design professionals. While the subject of Design Trust projects may vary, the goal is always to make New York City more beautiful, sustainable, functional, and available to all.”

“Taking a yellow cab seems like a fairly uncomplicated experience: you hail, a taxi
stops, you ride to your destination, pay the driver, and get out. Simple. But that
cab trip may actually be one of the most highly organized experiences in a New
Yorker’s day. A century of social custom and government rule-making control most
aspects of the ride, and dozens of behind-the-scenes actors are deeply involved in
every detail of the vehicle and its service.”